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The community is so dead! How sad.

Uhmm... Today I got bored and played with my makeup, dunno if I'd call it THAT madrad though. I guess you be the judge.

I also apologize for the lame pictures, I'm using my parents camera, as I left mine at my friend's house. D:

Eyeshadow, lipgloss, pencil eyeliner and blush are MAC.
blinc mascara.
Prestige liquid liner.
Some shitty $4 fake lashes.

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I'd look like a tool with that makeup, but you pull it off super nicely.
I like it.
Hahah thank you.

Honestly, I think people can pull off a lot more than they give themselves credit for.

But then again, there's those people who think that they can do anything, and end up looking morons, trying to be "unique." Haha.
Ahaha, nooo kidding.
thats mad rad to me. wish I could do mine like that.
Thank you..
It just takes practice and willingness to experiment.
youre super pretty.
looks like a look i did just the other day actually :)
MAC = amazing

goodjob :)
Thanks :$
Haha really? Pics?
Agreed, 100%.

Thank yas.
I don't think that it suits you, it's quite brassy.
new madrad comm:

join bb ?