Christine (_sh0cktart_) wrote in madradmake_up,

thought you guys would like to see how i usually do my make-up
i don't use concealer or foundation or anything because i LOVE my freckles too much to hide them
but is there and good foundation or concealer thats not heavy and not cover girl because i'm allergic to it. i just want something that will hide my blemishs yet you can still see my freckles.
Lime green hot pink and yellow eye shadow
then blakc masacara and purple eyeliner on my bottom lid
pretty bad pic but you get the idea
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Looks cool :D
i use bare minerals. Its expensive, but i've got freckles too and i don't like covering them. Its a powder so it covers blemishes pretty well but lets your freckles show.
physicians formula makes powder almost identical to bare minerals. I love my freckles as well, and it's perfect to get rid of shine and hide blemishes without getting a thick covering layer of makeup.